Worbla e-book
Download my 'Ultimate Guide to Worbla' now and become a Worbla master!
Witch hat pattern
Create your own EVA foam witch hat with this pattern!
Dragon dresses
Super cute AND comfy dresses with spikes, wings and tail! Handmade by me.
Dragon shrugs
So cute and snugly are these unique handmade cropped hoodies!
Ears tutorial
Want to know how to make fluffy ears using faux fur? Here I show it step by step so you can do it too!

Cosplay crafting made easy with our PDF guides

Do you want to get into cosplay too? And want to learn about the many techniques and materials that you can use to create awesome costumes?Or are you an experienced crafter who wants to dive even deeper in specific projects, materials or techniques? Grab our helpful and inspirational tutorial guides here! They are PDF so you can download them immediatly and read them on your laptop, tablet or even on your phone! Of course you are welcome to print them too to have real books 😉

Save time with our helpful cosplay pattern sets

While pattern making can be extremely fun, it also takes a lot of time and sometimes it’s just not working the way you want. Recognize this? Then why not use the patterns that I already made and save yourself the precious time so you can get your costumes finished BEFORE the convention or just to have some extra time for gaming and binging series… There’s nothing wrong with using patterns made by other cosplayers. Your cosplay is also completely valid if you didn’t make everything from scratch, including the patterns. So browse my pattern collection and download your favorites to use them directly! They are all PDF so you can immediatly print them on paper after you download them. Happy crafting!

Crafting tutorial videos

Why not binge watch some crafting tutorials? Don’t forget to have a snack and something to drink to accompany you while watching our helpful and inspirational crafting videos!