Let me introduce myself. My name is Joyce and I live in the most southern province of The Netherlands called Limburg. I’m with my lovely partner Pascal and we have 2 sweet cats named Bibi and Strauss. I LOVE pretzels (Hence where the brand name came from 😉 ). I’ve been a creative person as long as I can remember. Growing up I already did a lot of drawing and crafting. Even sewing plushies! Through the years my skills progressed and look where I am now? I turned my passion into my fulltime job! I’m really happy to do what I love, each day again. And I LOVE to make content that can help YOU! It really makes my day everytime I get a lovely comment or a thank you from you guys!

On this website I want to share my love for cosplay and crafting with you. 

If you’re looking to hire me for your convention or event, then please contact me so we can talk!

There’s a shop page on this site where you can browse through my collection and pick your favorites.

If you like to have something specific made by me, you can always contact me through Instagram or Facebook PM! Just know, everything I make is done with a lot of love and care! 

And always a bit of fairydust.