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Yep I felt the need to write that in all caps because it’s very important to note that international orders will experience delays in the shipping time. Shorter or longer delays depend on the country that I ship the package to. 

Right now the known and expected delays UPON the normal delivery time per country are: (As written by PostNL on July 17, please see HERE for any more recent information)

  • Australia – 1-21 days delay (normal is 5-8 days)
  • Brazil – 20 days delay (normal is 6-8 days)
  • China – 7-14 days delay (normal is 5-15 days)
  • Finland – 1-6 days delay (normal is 2-4 days)
  • France – 1-8 days delay (normal is 2-3 days)
  • Ireland – 1-11 days delay (normal is 2-4 days)
  • Japan – 7-12 days delay (normal is 4-7 days)
  • New Zealand – 10-14 days delay (normal is 5-7 days)
  • Portugal – 1-7 days delay (normal is 2-5 days)
  • Spain – 6-14 days delay (normal is 2-5 days)
  • United Kingdom – 1-6 days delay (normal is 2-3 days)
  • United States – 9-27 days delay (normal is 3-6 days)

Example: If you are in the United States and you order something from me then normally it would take 3-6 days to arrive at your place after I ship it. But now, with COVID19 happening, it can take even 33 days. And if it is for some reason also held at customs, it can take even longer then that.

Please note that these ‘days’ are business days. So the weekends don’t count.

If your country is not in this list, that means that the post company PostNL doesn’t know how many days delay can be expected. But right now due to COVID19, shipping delays are happening in ALL COUNTRIES. So please allow your package extra time to arrive. Everyone has a hard time now.

Do you ship worldwide?


I’m personally located in the Netherlands, but I love it when people all over the world can enjoy my handmade goods!

What does shipping cost?

The cost of shipping is based on several things; your shipping adress and wether it is shipped with or without tracking. If you buy digital products, of course, you pay no shipping costs because you can immediatly download the files to your computer after you purchased them. So shipping costs are only for physical products.

Most products will be shipped with tracking. Think about hooded dresses, hoodies, spirithoods etc. 

Small products like the fabric facemasks will be shipped in an enveloppe without tracking. If you order one of the bigger items together with facemasks, then I will combine the shipping and but the masks in the same (tracked!) box as the other items. 

Here you can see what shipping will cost for the different shipping methods for your country:

Tracked shipping

  • Within Netherlands  – €7,50
  • Europe zone 1           – €13,50
  • Europe zone 2           – €18,50
  • Rest of the world      – €30

Untracked Shipping


  • Within Netherlands  – €2 for one facemask, €1 additional for each extra facemask
  • Europe zone 1           – €7,50
  • Europe zone 2           – €9
  • Rest of the world      – €11

Europe zone 1 contains: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden.

Europe zone 2 contains: All other countries in Europe (except Russia)

How fast do you ship?

All items are custom made for every customer after they get purchased. I will make the products in the desired size, colour and style. Of course handwork takes time and I don’t want to rush the projects. I want your items to be perfectly made for you! So please allow one to two weeks for me to complete your items before I can start packing them for shipping.

How long does it usually take before I receive my items?


After you purchased one or more items from my shop, I will make them for you. That takes aprox one to two weeks. Then I will be packing and shipping it. Depending on your shipping adress it can take longer or shorter before the package arrives. 

Within the Netherlands, packages mostly take 1 or 2 days to arrive after they are shipped.

Within Europe, packages mostly travel about a week.

Outside Europe, shipping can take longer. Mostly it takes between one and two weeks, but I have seen packages take 4 or even 5 weeks to travel. Mostly this is due to customs at the border or sometimes also because a customer forgot to pick up the package at a post office, or something else happened. 

Please note that once a package leaves my house, I can’t control what happens to it.

How are items packed and shipped?

I take great care in packing my handmade goods. I want them to stay safe during travel and I also want you to have a really nice ‘unboxing experience’! The bigger items like hoodies and hooded dresses will be shipped in a cardboard box, but smaller items will be shipped in envelopes. 

Do I get a tracking number?

If your package ships with tracking, then yes! After the package has been brought to the post office, you will get an email with the tracking information. Please be sure to fill in the correct email adres that you want to receive the tracking info when you check out, because that is the one I will use to send the tracking information.

If your package ships without tracking, then no, you won’t get a tracking number for untracked items. If you want to order small items (like facemasks) but you want me to ship them tracked, then please send me a message at info@pretzl.nl and ask me! I can then help you with it.

Can I return the items?

Since all items are custom and handmade after each purchase, I can’t accept returns. 

If it would happen that the item arrives defect and it is clearly something that I did wrong, then please send me a message at info@pretzl.nl so we can work it out! I do my utter best to avoid mistakes, but of course I am a human too.

Every case will be decided upon individually. If a return or exchange would happen, the costs for sending the item back to me, and for sending a new or different item back to you, will be paid by the customer. 

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