Handmade hats and hoodies, cosplay tutorial books and more!

Book me!

I love to travel and meet cosplayers all over the world! I also really love to inspire and share my knowledge with others. At your event I can offer a lot of different content like judging contests, hosting panels, signing prints, wearing costumes etc! If you are interested in having me at your event then send me an email to info@pretzl.nl or send me a message either through Instagram or via Facebook! Please ensure to include important data like the name, date and location of the event, what you would want me to do at the event and perhaps even more info that you love to share.

Things I can do at your event include:

  • Host cosplay related panels
  • Be in Q and A panels with other cosplay guests
  • Judge costume contests
  • Promote on my social media
  • Do interviews
  • Showcasing my costumes
  • Selling my handmade goods
  • Print and book signing
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