International cosplay guesting, social media campaigns and collabs

Amazing to see you here!

A little owl told me that I could expect you knocking on my door. So feel welcome, sit down and have a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

So you have an event where you’d like to add some extra magic to by inviting an international cosplay guest to judge the cosplay competition, host panels and meet with cosplay fans?

Or perhaps you’re looking to generate lots of hype for your upcoming video game, DLC, movie, series or other product in the form of a social media campaign with cosplay crafting content.

Or maybe you’d like to send me your product for review or want me to work with your tools/machines, materials or costume accessories?  

I have good news, because you’ve come to the right place! I am the artist you are looking for 😉

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Fans on Facebook
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Guesting at conventions

Let me add some extra magic to your event

I’m based in the Netherlands (Europe) but I love to travel to meet and inspire cosplayers all over the world. Let’s make your event even more epic together!

Judge cosplay contests
And help select the winners among all the amazing contestants

Host panels about cosplay crafting
With my knowledge and experience I help inspire event visitors to start cosplaying too.

Q and A panels and interviews
Live at your event to answer all the cosplay questions from the audience and moderator.

Share IG stories and posts
While I’m at your convention.

Promote your event
On my social media.

Be in moderated panels
On the stage.

Announce my attendance
To your event on my social media.

Sign prints and books
At a designated booth.

Meet and greets with visitors
and take selfies with attendees.

Contact me for cooperations!

Don’t hesitate to send me an email via and we can see what works for your event/product. 

Please ensure that you include important data in your message.
For a convention invite I’d need to know; name of the event, location, dates and what activities you’d like me to do at the event.
For social media campaigns; name of the game/product, deadline, budget etc.
If you want to send me your products for review/testing, tell me more about them so I can check in advance if it will fit my style and usual content.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have, so our cooperation can be awesome! 

Social media campaigns

To create hype and engage fans

A social media campaign is a brilliant method to build hype for your upcoming video games, movies or series!

Or get more eyes on your products by doing sponsored collabs. 

Let me bring your character to life
With engaging cosplay content (crafting and photoshoots!) that sparks imagination.

Cosplay crafting content
Allow people to fall in love with your new characters by seeing the passionate crafting project progress.

Engaging content
Captures your ideal customer’s attention so they’ll want to buy the game as soon as possible.

Product features
To showcase how they can be used beautifully in cosplay projects.

Product reviews
If your product fits my style, I can feature it on my social media.

User generated content
I share products that I genuinely enjoy with my audience through social media.

Let's work together!

Feel free to send me an e-mail to (or PM on instagram or Facebook) and I’ll gladly answer your questions so we can craft a brilliant cooperation together!