Hand armor (claws and gauntlets) pattern collection – 5 patterns


Digital PDF pattern set to help you make your own hand and finger armor pieces with foam or Worbla for your cosplay projects! Do you want to make awesome armors but could you use some help? Then you’ve come to the right place!

This is a complete set that features 5 different hand armor patterns that you can use either for crafting with EVA foam or with Worbla.

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A set of digital patterns (PDF) that you can print out and use to make your own (cosplay or LARP) hand and finger armor pieces.

These are all digital files, so there is no physical pattern that I send to you. You will need to download the files to your computer and work with them from there.

If you purchase these PDF’s, you can immediatly download them and print them to help make your own gauntlets with EVA foam or Worbla.

I advice to make these armor pieces using either 2mm thick EVA foam or Worbla thermoplastic. For some parts, you can also use 5mm thick EVA foam, but for the finger segments, that’s probably too bulky.

These hand armor patterns all come in 3 sizes, which are: Small, medium and large.


This hand armor pattern tutorial collection includes the following:

  • A page with an overview of the different patterns and instructions for which pages to print
  • Pattern for dragon style claws that’s open on the bottom of the fingers
  • Pattern for dragon style claws where the segments close around the fingers
  • Pattern for scaled claw armor
  • Pattern for knight gauntlets with layered segments
  • Pattern for robot/scifi style hand armor

Download includes:

PDF files with the patterns in dinA4 size (33 pages)
PDF files with the patterns in Letter size ( 33 pages)


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