Unicorn head prop pattern and tutorial


Digital PDF tutorial and pattern set to help you make your own cosplay props! Do you want to use the exact patterns that I drafted and used for my own silver hobby horse prop and read a detailed tutorial book about the whole process with lots of pictures and tips and tricks? Now you can! Read on…


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A set of a digital pattern (PDF) that you can print out and use to make your own EVA foam unicorn head (or hobby horse!) AND a 29 pages long digital tutorial book in which the full creation of the unicorn hobby horse prop is described with lots of pictures and tips and tricks. These are digital files, so there is no physical pattern or books that I send to you. You will need to download the files to your computer and work with them from there

If you buy these PDF’s, you can immediately download them, print the pattern and scroll through all of the tutorial pages on your digital device to help with making your own props. Some basic crafting experience is advised when working with these patterns.

I advice to use 5mm thick EVA foam to make this prop. If you choose to create the large size unicorn head, then it will be stronger if you use 1cm thick EVA foam for the neck. I personally used low density EVA foam. Especially for the mane and head, low density foam will make it easier to get the interesting organic shapes.

The patterns include templates for the unicorn head in two sizes; large and small. The large one is perfect if you are creating this horse head shape for your Alice Madness Returns cosplay for example, or to make an enormous horse chess piece or even a horse hat! The small one is really cute, and would be so pretty as room deco in a nursery for example.

The pattern also includes some of the more difficult shapes for the handle of the silver hobby horse from the game ‘Alice Madness Returns’. I personally used my pattern to create the prop for this cosplay, and to help other cosplayers out, I thought to also include some of the more difficult shapes to decorate the handle for the hobby horse into this pattern set. This part of the pattern is of course fully optional to use! And it only works for the large size horse head. The final dimensions of the hobby horse, if you decide to make it, will depend on how long of a PVC pipe you use for the handle. It’s up to you of course!

But the size for the horse/unicorn head is as follows, if you use my pattern:

  • Large unicorn head: 55 cm tall
  • Small unicorn head: 30 cm tall


The digital PDF pattern set includes crafting patterns for the following:

  • Large horse head (55 cm tall)
  • Large unicorn horn (optional, otherwise it will be a horse)
  • Small horse head (30 cm tall)
  • Small unicorn horn (optional, otherwise it will be a horse)
  • Staff/handle decorations (if you choose to make the large horse/unicorn head into a hobby horse with handle)



The tutorial PDF about the unicorn prop includes instructions for the following:

  • Create a crafting pattern by using clay and painters tape
  • Cut all the pattern pieces out of EVA foam (also some angled cuts and undercuts!)
  • Glue the pieces together in the right order
  • Create details on the horse head with EVA foam and foam clay
  • Create a lightweight chain with EVA foam dowels
  • Prime and paint the prop
  • PDF tutorial booklet size: 29 pages



Pattern Download includes:

  • Unicorn crafting pattern: PDF file with the blueprint in dinA4 size (18 pages)
  • Unicorn crafting pattern: PDF file with the blueprint in Letter size (21 pages)

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