Witchy pattern collection and Instruction Ebook

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Digital PDF pattern set to help you make your own witch/wizard hats and pumpkins for your cosplay projects! Do you want to make awesome witchy hats and pumpkins with foam? Now you can!

This is the complete set that features 2 different witch hat patterns in 3 sizes, a pumpkin pattern in 3 sizes AND also includes a digital tutorial booklet that shows how to make these props with foam. If you would buy all these items seperately, it would cost €20, but if you purchase this set, you’ll pay just €15!

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A set of digital patterns (PDF) that you can print out and use to make your own (cosplay) witch/wizard hat and pumpkins. There’s two different styles of witchy hats, both in 3 sizes (S,L and XL) and a pumpkin pattern which has 3 sizes too ranging from a pumpkin that could be worn as a helmet to a small cute pumpkin that works amazing for decoration for example for Halloween or spooky parties. Of course the hat patterns will work great for witches and wizards. They are not just cool to wear with a costume, but they also can look really cool for home decoration, for example with Halloween or when you are hosting a spooky party!

This set does not just concist of patterns but it also includes a written tutorial book with photos to show how the hats and pumpkins are made. These are all digital files, so there is no physical pattern or book that I send to you. You will need to download the files to your computer and work with them from there.

If you purchase these PDF’s, you can immediatly download them and print them to help make your own witchy props with EVA foam.

I advice to make these hats and pumpkins using 5mm thick EVA foam. I use low density foam (65F) but it is also possible to use high density EVA foam if you prefer that.


This horn pattern and tutorial collection includes the following:

  • Swirly witch hat size S (Too small to wear, but cute as home deco or for dolls!)
  • Swirly witch hat size L ( Women size)
  • Swirly witch hat size XL (Men size, or if you want to wear a wig underneath it)
  • Modern witch hat size S (Too small to wear, but cute as home deco or for dolls!)
  • Modern witch hat size L ( Women size)
  • Modern witch hat size XL (Men size)
  • Pumpkin size S (Small and cute)
  • Pumpkin size M ( Middle sized)
  • Pumpkin size XL (big enough to serve as a helmet!)
  • Tutorial PDF booklet about how I made the witch hats and pumpkins and tips to decorate them

Download includes:

PDF files with the patterns in dinA4 size (27 pages)
PDF files with the patterns in Letter size (27 pages)

PDF file with the tutorial Ebook (23 pages)


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