Pajama Ezreal costume and staff patterns and tutorial


Digital PDF tutorial and pattern set to help you make your own cosplay costume! Do you want to use the exact patterns that I drafted and used for my own pajama guardian Lulu cosplay and read a detailed tutorial book about the whole process with lots of pictures and tips and tricks? Now you can! Read on…


Please choose in the drop down menu if you want the patterns, tutorial or BOTH.



A set of digital patterns (PDF) that you can print out and use to make your own cosplay costume and prop AND a digital tutorial book of 55 pages long in which the full creation of the costume and prop is described with lots of pictures and tips and tricks. These are digital files, so there is no physical pattern or book that I send to you. You will need to download the files to your computer and work with them from there

If you buy these PDF’s, you can immediately download them, print the sewing pattern for the costume and the blueprint for the prop and scroll through all of the tutorial pages on your digital device to help with making your own costumes and props. Some basic crafting and sewing experience is advised when working with the patterns.

All pattern pieces are drawn without seam allowance. So you can choose your own preferred amount of seam allowance.

The sewing pattern is in my own size (I made it and used it for my own cosplay. I’m putting them up online to help as a guide for other cosplayers to make their own cosplay). My size is a L. If you want to use it for another size, you can adjust the pattern pieces. I always suggest making a mock-up first and then see if you need to adjust any of the pieces to make it fit perfect for you.

The prop blueprint contains pattern pieces to craft the 3-dimensional shape of the prop. I recommend to use 5mm thick high density EVA foam to craft this prop. Low density foam will work too though.

For the pajama I recommend using polar fleece fabric.



The digital PDF pattern set includes crafting patterns for the following:

  • Pajama
  • All the details on the pajama, like ears, stars, and a wing
  • Slippers
  • Blueprint of the blaster prop



The tutorial PDF includes instructions for the following:

  • Sew the pajama (onesie)
  • Sew all the details for the pajama
  • Make a big wing for one shoulder
  • Sew cute slippers
  • Craft EVA foam stars for decorating the cosplay
  • Make the prop using EVA foam
  • Prime and paint the prop
  • PDF tutorial booklet size: 55 pages



Pattern Download includes:

  • Pajama pattern: PDF file with the blueprint in dinA4 size (53 pages)
  • Pajama pattern: PDF file with the blueprint in Letter size (56 pages)
  • Prop crafting pattern: PDF file with the blueprint in dinA4 size (7 pages)
  • Prop crafting pattern: PDF file with the blueprint in Letter size (7 pages)
  • Total dinA4 size: 60 pages
  • Total Letter size: 63 pages

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