It’s all in the details, how to create Worbla details – E-book


My first book about Worbla! Published in 2016. When writing this book, the available Worbla types were Worbla’s Finest Art, Worbla’s Black Art, Worbla’s Deco Art and Worbla’s Transpa Art. I also have a more recent book about Worbla, that describes all nine (!) current Worbla types and also a lot of techniques. You can find that one here. Of course the book from 2016 is also filled with lots of valuable information. So don’t miss out on this one too 😉

Digital (PDF) book about how to create awesome Worbla details for your cosplay armor. This book does not include patterns.

Are you curious to find out how to make awesome details for your cosplay armour? In this book I’ll show you step by step tutorials on many different ways and techniques to add that extra detail to your costumes.


A digital book with lots of photos and descriptions that can help you to learn new techniques for creating cosplay costumes and props. Since it’s a digital book, you can download it and read it. No physical book will be sent out.
If you buy this E-Book, you can immediately download the book and scroll through all of the pages.

This book teaches about the basics of the thermoplastic material ‘Worbla’ and especially shows techniques to use this material to create details in your cosplay armor and props.

In this book you will find detailed information about how I did the following:

  • Materials to use
  • Required tools
  • Detail making with Worbla’s Finest Art, Worbla’s Black Art, Worbla’s Transpa Art, modelling plastic and foam.
  • How to paint your pieces
  • A lot of photos and tips!

Download includes:

1 PDF file. The book features 62 full colour pages with a lot of info and images. The book is written in English.



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