Making an autumn witch hat with EVA foam tutorial – E-book


Digital (PDF) book about how to create witch hats and pumpkins with EVA foam for your cosplay projects. This book does not include patterns.

Are you curious to find out how I make foam witch hats and pumpkins? In this book I’ll show you step by step tutorials on how I make them.


A digital book with lots of photos and descriptions that can help you to learn new techniques for creating cosplay costumes and props. Since this is a digital book, you can download it and read it. No physical book will be sent out.
If you buy this E-Book, you can immediately download the book and scroll through all of the pages.

In this book you will find detailed information about how I did the following:

  • Create patterns for witch hats
  • Craft a witch hat out of EVA foam
  • Create wood texture onto the witch hat
  • Craft forest decorations to add to the witch hat
  • Create glowing mushrooms to decorate the hat
  • Prime and paint the foam witch hat
  • Craft pumpkins out of EVA foam
  • Create texture onto the pumpkins

Download includes:

1 PDF file. The book features 23 full colour pages with a lot of info and images. The book is written in English.



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