Elven Breastplate pattern collection – 10 variations


Digital PDF pattern set to help you make your own chest armor pieces with foam or Worbla for your cosplay projects! Do you want to make awesome armors but could you use some help? Then you’ve come to the right place!

This is a versatile pattern set which you can use to craft 10 different shapes of chest armor pieces with EVA foam or with Worbla.

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A set of digital patterns (PDF) that you can print out and use to make your own (cosplay or LARP) chest armor pieces. This pattern contains pattern pieces that will allow you to create 10 different variations of the ‘Elven Breastplate’ ranging from a complete torso armor to a cropped chest armor/breastplate. It’s truly a mix and match pattern set that will be so helpful for lots of your upcoming armor projects! Use the patterns as is, or add your own designed details to them to make your armor extra personal.

These are all digital files, so there is no physical pattern or book that I send to you. You will need to download the files to your computer and work with them from there.

If you purchase these PDF’s, you can immediatly download them and print them to help make your own chest armor pieces with EVA foam or Worbla.

I advice to make these armor pieces using either 5mm thick EVA foam or craftfoam combined with any type of Worbla thermoplastic.

The size of these breastplates is aprox a size L. When fully closed, the waist is aprox 80 cm. When made with foam, the breastplate will fit multiple sizes though because foam is flexible. To adjust the size of the breastplate you can add more or take away centimeters at the sides. That is the easiest way to adjust the size. Or add or take away centimeters from the length at the bottom.


With this breastplate pattern collection you can create the following armor pieces:

  • Elven full chest armor
  • Elven full strapless chest armor
  • Elven strapless chest armor
  • Elven short strapless armor
  • Elven bra armor
  • Elven chest armor with shoulder straps
  • Elven short chest armor with shoulder straps
  • Elven breastplate (long, backless)
  • Elven breastplate (medium, backless)
  • Elven breastplate (short, backless)
  • The PDF’s feature 2 pages with an overview of the different shapes of breastplates you can make with this pattern and instructions for which pattern pieces to use

Download includes:

PDF files with the patterns in dinA4 size (8 pages)
PDF files with the patterns in Letter size ( 8 pages)


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