Classic Xayah cosplay sticker (vinyl sticker)


Decorate whatever you want with a cool Xayah sticker!

This is a high quality vinyl sticker with a beautiful drawing of my Xayah cosplay printed on it. The drawing is my own art.



These stickers are made from high quality vinyl, so they will last! They will stick to almost anything, so think twice where you want to place it 😉


This sticker is aprox 6,7 cm wide and 9 cm tall. So it’s a quite large sticker! I took some photos of the sticker in my own hand, to give a better idea of the size of the sticker.

How will it ship?

If you order stickers, they will ship in an envelope, without track and trace. Within the Netherlands, shipping mostly takes one to two days. International shipping takes between a few days and multiple weeks. Where Germany will take just a few days, the USA for example will take a few weeks.


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