Foam drinking horn E-book AND pattern


Digital PDF tutorial E-book AND pattern to help you make your own cosplay or LARP prop! Do you want to use the exact patterns that I drafted and used for my own foam drinking horn? Now you can! Read on…


A set of a digital tutorial E-book (PDF) AND a digital blueprint (PDF) that you can print out and use to make your own cosplay costume. These  are digital files, so there is no physical pattern or book that I send to you. You will need to download the files to your computer and work with it from there.

Unlike with my other patterns and E-books, this one in particular is sold as a complete set! So you will get the tutorial booklet and also the PDF pattern to make the project. This could be the ideal option to try out my E-books and patterns! It’s really a good deal 😉

This digital PDF pattern set includes blueprints for the following:

  • Drinking horn
  • Drinking horn holder

The digital PDF tutorial E-book includes descriptions and images to show how to do the following:

  • Make your own pattern using an excisting horn
  • Make the horn out of EVA foam
  • Prime and paint the horn
  • Make a horn holder with fake leather

Download includes:

  • A PDF file with the Ebook in dinA4 size (12 pages)
  • A PDF file with the patternt in Letter size (3 pages)
  • A PDF file with the pattern in dinA4 size (3 pages)


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