Pretzl Mystery bag – 3 Beanie hats

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Now you can possess some awesome handmade goodies by Pretzl and you don’t have to pay full price… On top of that, it’s also a super cool unboxing experience because you won’t know what you will get before you open the package. Since these items are already created by me, I can ship them super fast, so you won’t have to wait long before you can wear your brand new Pretzl item!

Give yourself or someone else a gift that’s truly a surprise.

Can you contain the excitement? Because I can’t!

Read on to learn more about this awesome Pretzl ‘Three Beanies’ Mystery bag….

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Mystery Bag

This is a MYSTERY BAG, so that means that you will find THREE RANDOM handmade beanies, created by me, in this bag. They can be beanies from the current collection, but they can also be a ‘one of a kind’ beanies, benies from a limited edition collection or a mix of those. They’re always high quality, and fully handmade by me, Pretzl Cosplay.

The normal price for three beanie hats varies between €82,50 and €133,50 and of course you’ll also get three Pretzl Cosplay postcards in the Mystery Bag as well! By buying this Mystery Bag, you’ll only pay €45 for three high quality beanies, so you’ll save between €37,50 and €88,50 with one Mystery Bag! Woah that’s impressive!

So what’s in the bag?

In this Mystery Bag you will find:

  • THREE random handmade Pretzl Beanies
  • Three random Pretzl Cosplay postcards
  • Everything is packed in a reusable gift bag
  • You can even reuse the ribbon that’s wrapped around it!

You save money, AND help the environment!

The reason for me to create these Mystery Bags is to clean up my workshop by offering my stock items in these surprise bags. This way, these beautiful products won’t go to waste, and you save money because I sell them here for a highly reduced price. The bag is wrapped cutely by a ‘ribbon’ of fleece fabric. This is the fabric that I use to create all my hoodies and hats and I try to cut it as environmentally friendly as possible, making as little waste as possible. The sides of the fabric always need to be cut off. But these can still serve many purposes, like a ribbon. Or even to keep rolls of EVA foam or Worbla together in your cosplay crafting storage! So these bits of fabric will be able to get a new life.

About size

The beanies that you’ll find in this Mystery Bag are an adult size. But they will also fit a child starting from 5 years old. So if your kid decides it NEEDS one of these beanies, then you can give it to them 😉 Looks super cute on kids too!

Processing time

These items are already made by me so there is no making time. So I can ship the Mystery Bag quite quickly!

Items can vary from the listing photos

Please keep in mind that the photos in this listing are just to give you an idea about how the Mystery Bag can look. It can be a different bag that you receive, a different ribbon colour, different postcards and of course different beanie hats. That makes the surprise even more fun and exciting!

About shipping

This item will be shipped in a box with track and trace. Once I packed and shipped it, you will receive an email again with the track and trace information.

Shipping within the Netherlands takes 1 to 2 business days. Within Europe it takes mostly a week. Outside of Europe, shipping mostly takes 2 weeks but it can take longer due to customs for example. Possible customs fees are not included in the product price, and must be paid by the customer when their country charges them.


The beanie hats are machine washable though I’d recommend them to be washed at max. 40 degrees celcius. Turn them inside out while washing. Of course the best way to wash them is by hand. And hang to dry (not tumble dry).

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