Handmade hats and hoodies, cosplay tutorial books and more!

You are very welcome to check out my Patreon page! I share a lot of my work everywhere on the web so you can learn a lot absolutely for free. If you want to support my work and even get some awesome extra goodies then you can become my Patron on Patreon! I set up a Patreon to be able to help and inspire even more, by making super detailed E-books about the creation of my costume, digitalizing the patterns I use for my armors and make more tutorial videos. As a Patron you will get a lot of cool content like early access to things like step by step tutorials, photoshoot photos and yotube tutorials. You will also get a monthly E-book about the creation of a costume, digital patterns/blueprints, personalised prints/polaroid photos and even a discount to use in my online store! Of course the actual package that you will get depends on which tier you choose. Thank you so much for your support! I greatly appreciate that! 

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