She Ra cosplay tutorial – E-book


Digital (PDF) book about how to create a Gnar cosplay costume. This book does not include patterns.

Are you curious to find out how I made the dress, cape, armor and sword? In this book I’ll show you step by step tutorials on how I made the entire costume.


A digital book with lots of photos and descriptions that can help you to learn new techniques for creating cosplay costumes and props. Since it’s a digital book, you can download it and read it. No physical book will be sent out.
If you buy this E-Book, you can immediately download the book and scroll through all of the pages.

In this book you will find detailed information about how I did the following:

  • Use a digital pdf pattern, print it and turn it into a base to work with for propmaking (pattern not included in this book)
  • Make the sword base with EVA foam and PVC pipe
  • Cover the sword in Worbla and create extra details
  • Make shiny sparkly crystals using Worbla’s crystal art
  • Add gems to Worbla armor pieces
  • Make shoe armor with EVA foam
  • Make leg armor with EVA foam
  • Make arm armor (bracers) with EVA foam
  • Make a tiara headpiece with crystal from EVA foam and Worbla
  • Create details on the armor with foam clay
  • Prime and paint the foam armor
  • Prime and paint the Worbla sword
  • Create attachments for the armor pieces so you can wear them
  • Sew shorts with Scuba and fake leather
  • Sew the top and skirt with Scuba and fake leather
  • Make the standing out shoulder caps with fake leather
  • Sew the flowy superhero cape with tafetta
  • Make the cape detachable for easier washing

Download includes:

1 PDF file. The book features 44 full colour pages with a lot of info and images. The book is written in English.



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