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This listing is for my ‘teapot cannon’ prop that I made with EVAfoam.




The teapot is made with EVAfoam and foamclay. It’s painted with gildingwax in the colour silver. The teapot has a translucent ‘window’ behind which you can see a clock. This clock is drawn/painted by me on paper.

The teapot is hollow, and the lid can be removed easily. That way, it can even store some secrets inside! There is enough room. Just make sure to not put too heavy things inside because obviously, the teapot is made with foam, which always stays a bit flexible.

The teapot can be used with a cosplay as a prop but it will also be beautiful as a decoration.

About shipping

I will pack the teapot carefully and ship it in a cardboard box. It will ship with tracking. Shipping to the USA mostly takes about 2 weeks, but with the pandemic going on and busy postal services around the holidays, it can take longer (more weeks). So I ask to please be patient.

This teapot has seen the world

It’s a fun fact that I have traveled to various countries with this teapot during my cosplay journeys. It has been with me to Ireland where we also featured it in a cosplay video.

It has also traveled with me to Sweden, where it was on stage while I was judging a cosplay contest at Dreamhack.

And of course, it has been with me to several conventions in the Netherlands.

Will we soon add the United States to the travel list of this teapot?

About the pricing

I’m asking €175 for the teapot prop itself

The shipping (including tracking) costs €30

About paying options

There are several secure payment options on my website. The most well known is probably Paypal. But when you put this item in your cart and proceed to the checkout, you will see all the payment options that are available. Just pick the one that will work best for you!

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