Fabric facemask with princess Luna drawing (my own artwork!)


A handmade fabric, washable facemask with a beautiful princess Luna print.

Because these are handmade, the actual placement of the unicorn princess can vary because of how the fabric is cut for each individual facemask.

These facemasks are very special because the drawing on the mask is my own artwork, printed on the fabric. It’s a high quality print and the colours are very bright!

The lining of these facemasks is black. The colour of the straps can vary.

This is not a medical mask and shouldn’t be used as such.
For example, wearing this mask can prevent you from touching your face all the time. Because, believe it or not, most people do that a lot without even noticing it!

The mask is reusable and can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees celsius. Please do not tumble dry. Since the front of the mask has a print on it, this can fade over time when washing.

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Materials used

Outer layer – Cotton
Inner layer – Cotton
Filter slot – Cotton
Cords – Jersey

How to wear it

You can wear the mask by pulling the elastic bands over the back of your head and tying the ends in a knot. To prevent getting your hair inside the knot, I suggest to first check how long you need the band to be, then tie the knot when you’re not wearing the mask. And then pull it over your head.

Inside the mask is a ‘pocket’ layer. Inside you can put a filter (filter not included with mask) if you choose to. And there is also a tunnel inside where you can add your own nose wire (Nose wire not included with mask).

About size

This mask is suitable for most adults. If you feel like you need a smaller or bigger size mask, please send me a message because I will need to check if I have enough fabric left to make a different size mask for you.

Sizes I can make:
S – 3-6 years old children
M – 7-12 years old children
L – Teenagers/adults (THIS IS THE STANDARD SIZE)
XL – Men (However, lots of men can wear an L too)

Making time

To make this item, I will need about a week. So please keep this in mind when you want to order it as a gift for example.

About shipping

IMPORTANT: Due to Covid-19 especially overseas (f.e. USA, Canada, Australia) shipments take longer. Normally they take about 2 weeks to arrive but now it could take about 4-6 weeks. Because the facemasks are shipped without tracking, it isn’t possible to track the package after they were sent. I hope you will understand that I can’t change this and don’t have control over this. So please allow some time for the mask(s) to arrive if you order from overseas.

This item will be shipped in a enveloppe WITHOUT track and trace. After you place your order, you will receive an email with the order information. Then I will start making your item.

Shipping within the Netherlands takes 1 to 2 business days. Within Europe it takes mostly a week. Outside of Europe, shipping mostly takes 2 weeks but it can take longer due to customs for example. Possible customs fees are not included in the product price, and must be paid by the customer when their country charges them.


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